Services around your Finca, your Chalet, your apartment and for your guests & more

We want our owners to lean back, because they know their estate well serviced and that they can be sure, that their guests, respectively their tenant or tenantry feel well  with it. All contracted credentials are soustainably fullfilled and in a continous way a worth maintaining is realized based on the contractual agreements.

0. Transports with transport enterprises licensed on the island like e.g. LLevant, Taxi or bus, independant with which airline you arrive, Ryan Air, Lufthansa, Condor, Iberia, Swiss, Air Berlin, German Wings or another National or International Airline registered at the airport Son Juan, Mallorca

  1. key over handing
  2. professionell cleaning
  3. pool cleaning with proof of water quality
  4. gardening
  5. observing renovation acitvities
  6. laundry with drying, sewing, replacement etc.
  7. registration and prolongation of Gas, Electricity, Water, PObox, office services, fax, answering machine, secretary services etc.
  8. caring for your PObox, forwarding your mail, reception with power of attorney, etc.
  9. taking care of your kids, au-pair, baby sitting
  10. all bankservices
  11. tax declearence with professionell gestorias and licensed partners
  12. medical services as well as advocat services in mother tongue only with long term residentials and licensed specialists



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